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End of March to the beginning of April isCherry blossom season around Tokyo.

And it has already started falling in Tokyo.

Cherry blossoms tell us the spring is coming. 

Many people have a party under the cherry tree.

They look up the beautiful pink sky and enjoy food, beer and sake.

There are many food wagons in the spot of cherry trees during this season.


Summer festival

Have you seen Japanese summer festival?

You can see a Japanese traditional creation

at center of this photo.

It's called "Mikoshi" which is small shrine.

Men worn white long cloth are carrying it.

"Mikoshi" has heavy weight.

It needs many strong men for carrying it.
They carry it and  parade the street  with shouting 

" Oiyasa Oiyasa!"


753 celebration, which is called "Shichi-Go-San" in Japan.

Shichi-Go-San is a traditional event to celebrate the healthy growth of children. This festival is for three and five year-old boys and three and seven year-old girls. Children dress up in kimonos or dresses. Parents take them to a shrine and have a Shinto purification ritual. It's my boy. He is 5 years old now.

Girls are splendid and so cute!!


We have many kind of Japanese food. Most famous food is "SUSHI".(If you want to delicious one, you should go to the sushi restaurant near the fish market.
you can eat good one with economical price!!)

But this "TEPPAN YAKI"(kind of Japanese BBQ) is perfect,too!!

Look this Juicy hamburger! Lunch time is economical price.
Hamburger lunch set includes roast vegetable, rice, miso soup, salad and Japanese pickles. And the price is around 1000yen!!

This restaurant has cool externals. It is beautiful and old Japanese style building.


Have you hear "Maiko"? The looks is similar to "Geisha". But it is totally different.
You can see "Maiko" in KYOTO. "Maiko" wear a lovely and colorful kimono and hair accessories, and they are normally under 20 years old.Their work is showing Japanese traditional dance and music.They start a practice in dancing and singing from 12-15 years old.
you can see more photos from here.

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