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Kimono and Japnese good shop KAGURA


Adress:  2-8-5 Miwanoyama Nagareyama-shi

     Chiba-ken JAPAN  270-0175

Tel&Fax:    +81-4-7150-5963         

E-mail:    namiki@kimono-kagura.ocnk.net   

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Let me tell you why I start this Japanese goods shop.

I had grown up with seeing a variety of kimono patterns, since my grand mother was a tailor of kimono.

I have been fascinated by the beauty of the kimono since at that time.
It has gorgeous design,

beautiful color and soft to the touch! Traditional Japanese crafts are also wonderful.

I hope that more overseas people will notice these lovely things.

However nowadays our lifestyle have been changed to more western-style, and especially young people

prefer to choose things from overseas.   Therefore artisans are suffering from lack of successors.

Skill and technique of Japanese artisans are very high and craft is elaborate.
It is too precious to decline.

I hope that has been passed down the tradition of Japan with verve in the future.

That is why I start this on-line shop.

I proud of Japanese traditional culture and articles.

Some of them are very convenient tool such as Tenugui and Furoshiki. Japanese people used to use it.

It can be used in many way as a Wrapping,towel, scarf, fabric,etc. Besides, it's compact and suited     ecological life-style.

I would like to introduce more useful and unique Japanese goods which is not popular in other countries.

Use our goods as you like. And enjoy to create your only one style! 

People will be fascinated with it.



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