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Simple and sylish geometrical pattern red OBI (kimono and yukatabelt)[VON-010]

Our Selling Price: US$38.00
Weight: 700g

Simple geometrical pattern makes cute red obi.

Stylish design is easy to match any kimono and yukata.

And this thin obi is easy to tie.

It'll be a lovely obi, and also an nice interior decoration.

Use it as kimono belt, interior decoration or making your works.



CONDITION: Vintage < Very good>

SIZE : 15cm(5.9 inch) x 345cm(135.82 inch)



1. Tie it on the kimono

2. Make a Tapestry or table runner. Also you can display it as an ornament

3. Decorate your table, couch and bed with it.




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Cute and stylish design.You can use it for kimono and yukata.
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It's Japanese traditional pattern.
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