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T-shirt "Skeleton" Japanese style[TW-005]

Our Selling Price: US$49.90
Weight: 500g
Quantity:  pcs

◆◆ Unique Japanese T-shirt  "Nanmenou" ◆◆

This design was taken from Chinese old story 'Chuang-tzu'.
Chuang-tzu asked to skull.  "Do you want to revive?"
Then the skull says laughing. "I never throw away the present pleasure for revive"
'Nanmenou' means 'King sitting toward the south'. 


**Notice**  For T-shirts, We need 3days to get ready before delivery.


Material: Cotton 100%Made in Japan

Color: Black

Size: S / M / L / XL(LL) / XXL(3L) 

Our size is about one size smaller than US or European size. Usual S size in US corresponds to our M size.

Please check the size carefully before order.

Condition: New  


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