Bingata print Kimono fabric for crafting.
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Attractive design kimono fabric set (Bingata B)[FAB-012]

Our Selling Price: US$12.00
Weight: 200g

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***What is Bingata?***

Bingata is the name of dyeing. It's a famous traditional fabric which comes from south part of Japan "OKINAWA". Brilliant color is one of the characteristic. Flowers, birds, batterflies are dyed and design is originality.


*** Bingata set A ***

Bingata design. But it is printed and material is polyester. You could use it to make a bag ,decorating cushions, room accessories, crafting, sewing,quilting or patchwork.There are useful pieces of some different design and color cloths.


CONTENTS OF THE SET : 4 pieces of Bingata print fabric

 FABRIC : 100% polyester

SIZE :   white: 18.5cm < 7.2inch> x 15.5cm <6.1inch>

        green: 19cm<7.4inch>x 18cm<7inch>

             blue flower: 37cm<14.5inch> x  24.5cm<9.6inch>

                black: 37cm<14.5inch> x  25cm<9.8inch>

Condition: New

***  Please feel free to email with any questions before purchase. ***




Other Photos
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Size: 37cm<14.5inch>x 24.5cm<9.6inch>
It'll be nice point of clothes,room decoration,patchwork and crafting.
(Click here for larger image.)
Size: 37cm<14.5inch>x 25cm<9.8inch>
Cool and stylish design.
(Click here for larger image.)
Size: white 18.5cm<7.2inch>x 15.5cm <6.1inch>
green 19cm<7.4inch>x 18cm<7inch>
Cute and colorful a piece of cloth.

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