Simple and easy to tie kimono & yukata obi.
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dateobi (thin belt for Kimono, Yukata)[oth-002]

Our Selling Price: US$13.00
Weight: 200g

Soft & easy to tie ♪ 

☆*★ Simple kimono & yukata belt "Date Obi" ★*☆


It's a simple kimono and yukata belt.

We usually tie with this Dateobi on the kimono or yukata,

then we tie Kimono obi or Yukata obi on it.

But you can also use it as a belt when you wear a Kimono or Yukata

as a night gown or costume.

This OBI is a flexible belt for Kimono and Yukata .

It is very soft touch and easy to tie like a ribbon and etc.


FABRIC : Polyester


LENGTH:  210cm (82.67 inch)  


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Simple design.
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It's a image photo.
This Dateobi is different design.
Can you imagine when you use Dateobi on the kimono or yukata?

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