Japanese traditional doll "Hina ningyo"
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Vintage Japanese doll "Kimekomi Hina ningyo"[UQ-014]

Our Selling Price: US$210.00
Weight: 2000g

◆◇Japanese traditional doll "Hina ningyo"◇◆

Most of Japanese girl has their own Hina ningyo.

Every year, we celebrate with wishing
that children will be growing up healthy.

We have several type of hina ningyo.

< Hina = princess  Ningyo = doll >

It's one of them. It's called "Kimokomi ningyo"

Kimekominingyo, it is made by embedding
the kimono fabric in a groove carved in the body.
The doll looks like wearing a costume.
It is created separate head and body first.
After it finish,the head is put on the body.




◆Pari doll (prince and princes) x 1pair ◆ Doll x 1 0

◆Gold folding screen x 2 ◆Doll stand x 12 ◆stand lamp x  2


SIZE :  

Doll : 7cm(L) x 7cm(W)

Folding screen : 14cm(H)

CONDITION : Vintage( very good)




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Red stand (3 steps) is not included.(Because it has volume and weight.)
If you want to know the additional price for Red stand, please feel free to ask me.

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