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Graceful dots embroidery flowers. Vintage pink Kimono homongi [VK-017P]

Our Selling Price: US$80.00
Weight: 1500g

Relaxing pink color and attractive dots embroidery kimono.                              It's rare embroidery. Simple and Beautiful! 

"Houmongi" is formal kimono for women. It is normally worn for special party ceremony.The feature of "Houmongi" is painted a picture on the back and bottom of kimono.                                                                  If you hang it on the wall, it'll be kimono picture ornament!

Fabric :Silk

Size :    

A: Length                             167cm (65.7 inch)

B: Length from hand to hand     128cm (50.4 inch)

C: Length of sleeve           57cm (22.4 inch)

D: Hipline       106 cm (41.7 inch) - 112cm (44.1 inch)

 ( If you want to wear it regularly, please refer it.)



Idea of how to use:   

1. Putting on it regularly.      

2. To wear over a night wear as a gown.       

3. To wear it with your arrangement as kimono costume.       

4. Display it in your house as an ornament.       

5. It will be nice interior decoration in your room, bed, etc.       

6. To make your original dress with it (Use it as fabric)



Please confirm the condition with following photos.

The edge on lining is beautiful red gradation.

 The lining has little stain.

Other Photos
(Click here for larger image.)
The flowers are embroidered.Can you see lots of dots? Dots make picture.
(Click here for larger image.)
It will be kimono display, too. You can enjoy it as interior.
(Click here for larger image.)

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