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Sweet pattern Froshiki[FM-002]

Our Selling Price: US$10.00
Weight: 200g

Lovely color and Cute pattern! You can see lots of small Japanese things such as combs, flowers, Japanese fan and flow of river and so on.

FUROSHIKI is flexible tool. It was used as a bag in the past time. Recently we are using it to wrap a gift when we bring it. It looks like big handkerchief, but it is compact and convenient! If you put it in your bag, you can use it everywhere as a bag, wraping paper, luncheon mat, etc.

FABRIC : Rayon 

SIZE : 73cm (28.7 inch) x 70cm (28.7 inch)


1. If you tie some parts of it, you can ues it as a bag.

2. As a tablecloth, luncheon mat etc.

3. Wrap it around your neck as a scarf.

4. Display it in your house as an ornament.

5. Wrap a lunch box or wine bottle etc.

6. It will be a nice present if you wrap the gift with it.

(You can use it many times. It's very ecological wrapping )

Other Photos
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(Click here for larger image.)
If you tie parts of it, you can use it as a bag.
Just put it in your bag.
Furoshiki will change many things(bag,wrapping,scarf,handkerchief,etc) and help you.
(Click here for larger image.)

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