Japanese picture "wave and cherry blossom".It's nice for interior decoration.
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Cherry blossom and waves tenugui[TEM-009]

Our Selling Price: US$21.00
Weight: 200g

"Tenugui" is Japanese traditional towl. The combination of charming cherry blossoms and waves that attracts attention. It is very beautiful "Tenugui". This is an beautiful new type ornament which is different from a water picture and the oil painting. The design of this "TENUGUI" shines further more when putting it in the frame. .

TENUGUI is very convenient tool. It has good ventilation, dries fast and compact. The feature is being dyed up from cloth of a white cotton, so you can enjoy the same pattern as the inside and outside.


SIZE : 34cm x 91cm


1. As a towel, table runner, luncheon mat.

2. To wash your body.

3. Wrap it around your neck as a scarf   

4. Use it for interior decorating.       

5. Wrap a lunch box       

6. As a wrapping of wine bottle.

(You can use it many times. It's very eco-frendly wrapping tool)


This price does not include a frame. The photo is for image.

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