Lovely pink obiage which can use as a scarf! - kimono accessory
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Item Information

Pink obiage - Kimono accessory[OB-001]

Our Selling Price: US$24.00
Weight: 150g

Cute pink color and a shower of falling cherry blossom petals!

You look fresh in this gorgeous color.



We usually use it as kimono accessory as a following photo.



But you can also use it as a scarf, fabric, etc.



This cloth can be used as various things depending on your idea.

It is the soft and smooth silk.



SIZE : 30cm < 12inch> x 175cm <69inch> 

Condition: New

"Obiage" is usually used like this.






Other Photos
(Click here for larger image.)
The reverse side is also gradation pink color. But there is no cherry blossom petal.
(Click here for larger image.)
Beautiful pearl pink gradation.
A shower of falling cherry blossom petals.It's so cute!
(Click here for larger image.)
It's kimono accessory.But you also use it as a scarf, etc.

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