gorgeous gold obiage which can use as a scarf! - kimono accessory
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Gorgeous gold obiage - Kimono accessory[OB-002]

Our Selling Price: US$24.00
Weight: 150g

Elegant gold color and a shower of cherry blossom!

You looks gorgeous with this color.


We usually use it as kimono accessory as a following photo.




But you can also use it as a scarf, fabric, etc.

This cloth can be used as various things depending on your idea.

It is the soft and smooth silk.





SIZE : 30cm < 12inch> x 175cm <69inch> 

Condition: New

"Obiage" is usually used like this.






Other Photos
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It's kimono accessory.But you also use it as a scarf, etc.
(Click here for larger image.)
Beautiful gold color.
A shower of falling cherry blossom. It's so cute!

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