Japanese style curtain (Noren)
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Cool gold fish curtain (Noren)[UQ-006]

Our Selling Price: US$29.00
Weight: 300g

Cool-looking! It will be nice curtain or partation, etc.

Gold fishes are swimming elegantly in the water. Beautidul rapples spread across the water.

We normally hang it  at the entrance of a room or window, and use it as a patition or short curtain.  it's called "Noren" in Japan.

First cut center of it  then use. So you can push past a curtain and go in.

Use it as you like!


FABRIC :  Polyester

SIZE : 140cm <55.12inch> x 85cm <33.46inch>




Other Photos
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Cute! Gold fishes are swimming in the water.
It's transparent and cool-looking.
(Click here for larger image.)
The front side(lower) and the reverse side(upper).
(Click here for larger image.)
The back side. You can see clear gold fish since it is transparent.

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