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Attractive a hawk is drawn in a fan. Vintage Kimono Black Tomesode[VKT003B]

Our Selling Price: US$80.00
Weight: 1200g

A hawk is dyed in the fan fringed with gold thread. Black back color make this kimono to be conspicuous. Chic and cool Kimono.

It is an idea to use it as a cloth and make cool black dress.

"Tomesode" is formal kimono for married women. It is normally worn for wedding ceremony of family in Japan.The feature is black background and luxury design dyed in the bottom of kimono.

Fabric : Silk

Size :  

A: Length                         157cm (61.8 inch)

B: Length from hand to hand   128cm (50.4 inch) 

C: Length of sleeve                     51cm (20.1 inch)

D: Hipline             106cm (41.7 inch) - 116cm (45.7 inch) 

( If you want to wear it regularly, please refer it.)

Idea of how to use:   

1. To wear regularly.      

2. To wear over a night wear as a gown.       

3. To wear it with your arrangement as a costume.       

4. Display it in your house as a kimono ornament.       

5. It will be nice accent to decorate on your bed.       

6. To make your original dress with it (Use it as fabric)


Condition: Excellent

Please confirm the condition with following photos.

There is little white dirt.

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Gorgeous kimono design.
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