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Item Information

Fascinating purple and red color vintage kimono[VK-012]

Our Selling Price: US$70.00
Weight: 1000g

Vivid purple and red color attracted attention. 

It's cool costume, gown and interior decoration.

How is the kimono ornament in your house?


Fabric : Silk

Condition: Vintage < Good >

Size :   

A: Length           142cm (55.9 inch)

B: Length from hand to hand       124cm (48.81 inch)

C: Length of sleeve                   55cm (21.65 inch)

D: Hip line                               110cm(45.27inch)



★★ We can sell it by measure. ★★<<A peace of vintage kimono fabric>>


If you want to buy it as fabrics, we can sell it by mesure.

■■■■ Price US$ 8.00 / per 50cm <19.68 inch>  ■■■


Please e-mail us first, if you have interest in this kimono as fabric.
We will let you know the page that  you can buy it by measure.

***** Please feel free to e-mail with any question before purchase. *****



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Vivid purple and red color.It's cool and stylish kimono.
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The kimono bottom is worn little bit.

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