Japanese style hair accessory.
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Hair accessory"Kanzashi" silver metal[UQ-010]

Our Selling Price: US$28.00
Weight: 200g

★☆ Japanses style hair accessory silver metal

Japanese style hair accessory

we call it "Kanzashi" in Japanses.

Blooming beautiful flower, and small lovely decoration are swing.


It's very rare hairpin. It's very hard to find this type of hairpin.


This type of hairpin is usually used when we wear Kimono.

It will make your hair style more attractive!

Use it as you like.

◆ It's not hard metal. So it's easy to bend with strong push.


SIZE : 21cm (8.2inch)

CONDITION : Vintage(Excellent)




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Blooming flower and swing cute decoration.
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It's a image photo how to use.

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