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Pink "Shibori"cloth - kimono fabric[FAB-013]

Our Selling Price: US$22.00
Weight: 150g

Lovely rose color

☆*★ Beautiful "Shibori" fabric ★*☆





Small shibori make lovely pattern in the whole.

Shibori fabric is worth in kimono fabric.

◇◆ What is "Shibori"? <Tie dyeing>◆◇

First process is little pinching white silk, and to tied by yarn.

After that, it has been dyed. It needs lots of work.

That's why Shibori kimono is expensive.

This process makes the unique "shibori" pattern.

It looks a pattern of a young deer's back.

Many small protrusions can be seen

The piece of kimono fabric comes from vintage kimono.

Many Japanese people buy it for making some works

such as small articles, accessories,clothes,

bag, interior decoration, etc.

They prefer to buy vintage kimono fabric,

since we can't get small piece of new kimono fabric.

New kimono fabric is not sold by measure.


FABRIC : 100% Silk


SIZE:  37cm (14.56 inch) x 100cm (39.37 inch)



Other Photos
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The front side pattern. You can see beautiful"shibori"design.
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The reverse side pattern.
Close up!
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