Kimono for children. It's nice costume for party and also will be original decoration.
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Gorgeous shibori(tie-dye) pattern and classic design. Vintage kimono for child[VKC-003R]

Our Selling Price: US$70.00
Weight: 1000g

Beautiful shibori patern and gorgeous flowers. Japanese traditional wagon also  painted. 

Unique tie-dye pattern. We call it Shibori-zome.

Small white dots make attractive design.

It's kimono. And it also will be a great ornament.

This kimono is weared at the festival day for children aged seven, five and three. (We call this festival "Shichigosan".)

Fabric : Polyester

Size :    Please click here to know about size.

A: Length                                          131cm (51.57inch)

B: Length from hand to hand       98cm (38.58inch)<it can change to 118cm(46.45inch)>

C: Length of sleeve                      74cm (29.13 inch)

D: Hipline             85cm (33.46 inch)  -  100cm ( 39.37inch)

( If you want to wear it regularly, please refer it.)

Condition: Excellent

Idea of how to use:   

1. To wear regularly.        

2. To wear it with your arrangement as costume.       

3. Display it in your house as a ornament.           

Other Photos
(Click here for larger image.)
Lovely red and black color.
you can see many flowers and a traditional wagon.
(Click here for larger image.)
It' able to adjust the length of sleeve.(33.46inch →39.37inch)
(Click here for larger image.)
Beautiful Shibori(tie-dye) design.

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