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Dynamic eagle is embroidered, Vintage Kimono for boy[VKC-4B]

Our Selling Price: US$65.00
Weight: 1200g

Attractive eagle which is embroidered in the black kimono for boy. Underwear of kimono is also included. It's nice costume, and also it excellent ornament!! Hung it on the wall, it's brilliant kimono display. Do you like Japanese style interior decoration?

This kimono is nomarlly used for going to shrine to pray when the baby will be a month.


In the strong waves, Dynamic eagle is standing on the rock.

It's beautiful picture!!



Fabric :Silk

Size :    

A: Length                             98cm (38.5 inch)

B: Length from hand to hand     90cm (35.4 inch)

C: Length of sleeve           56cm (22.0 inch)

D: Hipline       55 cm (21.6 inch) - 65cm (25.6 inch)

 ( If you want to wear it regularly, please refer it.)



Idea of how to use:   

1. To wear it with your arrangement as kimono costume.       

2. Display it in your house as an ornament.       


Condition: Very Good  

Please check the condition of kimono by following photos before purchasing.


Left side of front has little stain.

Right side of front also has little stain.

Front of kimono has a white small stain.

The string has little stain.

Other Photos
(Click here for larger image.)
It's dynamic and cool!! Look! Aggressive face and muscular wing. It will be beautiful display as well.
(Click here for larger image.)
This kimono is include underwear(white kimono). And both kimono has a string for tying.
(Click here for larger image.)
" kamon" which is the mark of each family. It is printed in the front of kimono and back as well.

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