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Japanese Vintage Kimono



 Kimono is a work of art which filled with  technique and traditions of Japan. 

Japanese unique colours come from plants and flowers. That's why colours are soft and relaxing. 

I suppose that is quite difficult to wear Kimono by yourself.
Even most of Japanese ask somebody  to help them put on their kimono.


◇◆ My recommend of how to use, ◆◇

1. Put on Kimono with your idea as a dress or costume.

2. Use Kimono as a night gown at cool night.

3. It's nice interior decoration!  Display a kimono on the wall.

It make your room more luxurious space.

4. Kimono is good to used as cloths. Make your own works with this rare kimono fabric.


◇◆Why Silk kimono is very expensive?◆◇

Reason of the expensive price is Kimono fabric.
Expensive one is made by hand most of process. It takes a lot of time and work. Some of them are painted patterns and pictures by hand. There are also other dyed and embroidered things.

And normally Kimono is hand sewing. Kimono sewing needs specially technique.

It was treated carefully, had been passed down from generation to generation.


◇◆ Kimono is ecological costume?◆◇

In particular, the Kimono "Frisode" which is worn by unmarried women is most elegant and luxury. Normally "Frisode" is  bought for a coming-of-age-celebration.
The price of Kimono"Frisode" and "Obi” set is from US$4000 to US$10000!!
Recently, many people use a rental Kimono for coming-of-age-celebration.

Kimono are all the same shape. And it's easy to change the size.
That's why It be possible to pass down it from mom to daughter.
After all thread are removed from Kimono, it will return to rectangle cloth.
So it's easy to remake other things.
Kimono will  be also said ecological costume!

 Vintage kimono is filled Japanese technique and traditional!


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