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Item Information

Lovely pink "haneri" - Kimono accessory[HE-003]

Our Selling Price: US$18.00
Weight: 150g

Lovely pink color and embroidery of small cute flowers.


We call it "Haneri" and  usually use it as kimono accessory.

Look at the following photo.

But you can also use it as an ornament, fabric etc.

 It has lovely embroidery.

This cloth can be used as various things depending on your idea.


FABRIC : 100% polyester  < Thread : rayon >

SIZE : 15cm < 6inch> x 110cm <44inch> 

Condition: New

"Haneri" is usually used like this.






Other Photos
(Click here for larger image.)
Beautiful flowers are embroidered.
(Click here for larger image.)
Both sides have same embroidery.Use it with your idea.
(Click here for larger image.)

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