Japanese original cloth-kimono fabric
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Vintage kimonos could be nice fabric for crafting and making your works
We have many type silk and other fabric.
Please use it as you like.

Kimono fabric is not only silk material.
We also have wool kimono, hemp kimono, cotton kimono (yukata) and polyester kimono.
Among of all kimono fabric, silk has several types. Let’s have a look about silk kimono fabric.

 ::: Some ::: <Dyeing>                                  ::: Ori ::: <Weaving>
 Normally white silk has been                     The yarn is dyed before weaving.

 painted or dyed pattern.                           "Tsumugi" and "Kasuri", they are weaved

 It's charm and brilliant color                      patterns by yarn of various color.

                                                                 It applies worn as street wear and casual socializing.

    ::: Shibori ::: <Tie-dyeing>                           ::: Sisyu :::  < Embroidery>

  First process is little pinching white silk,                  Embroidery needs a lot of time and work.
 and to tied by yarn. After that, it has been dyed.      That gives more luxurious appearance and 

 This process makes the peculiar "shibori" pattern.    gracefulness to kimono.
 These lots of work is the reason of high price.

 This pattern looks like young deer's back


★★ collection of crafts ★★ 

All items are made of Kimono fabric.

Take a look !  It might be new idea for your works.




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